Burton Spindl Spring Sessions is back in Spindleruv Mlyn (March 26th-29th 2015) after one year break, which was caused by lack of snow last year... Evereybody who decide to join the event has a lot of possibilities how to enjoy spring days in the biggest czech ski resort. The track for the competitions contains well shaped half-pipe, few lines with jumps and rails and also a big air at the end. We are also preparing a huge corner jump at the bottom of the slopes, which attracts the spectators and riders as well. On Thursday, the competition on Big Air „Anon Big Air Fortune“ is held, on Friday, there is a half pipe sesssions. On Saturday will be Burton Kemp Public Jam open for all visitors, Heli Shooting on the main line, Burton Corner Session and Downhill.



Winners will be chosen from the voting of the professional crew, selected from the media representatives, partners and the organizers. For their evaluation, they will mainly monitor the ANON BIG AIR FORTUNE, BURTON CORNER SESSION and the HELI SHOOTING, but also the overall impression from the first three days of the event will be looked at.


The riders on the Big Air kicker will be using the “wheel of fortune” to draw tricks, which they will have to subsequently demonstrate. In the random selection, there will be a wide variety of tricks represented from the easiest to the hardest ones and through a gradual elimination one winner will remain by the end of the session. Registration will take place at the BŠSS office or directly at the run-in of the Big Air prior to the start of the contest.


Next innovation of this year BSSS will be session in HALF PIPE, which hasn´t been in Czech republic for a long time. This session will take place at Friday 10:30. For riders will be preperared nicely shaped HALF PIPE, which will test versatility of riders.


On the Corner, on Saturday, shortly after midday, the final BURTON CORNER SESSION will be held, which will for sure greatly affect the voting of the expert jury regarding their selection of the overall events best riders. This approximately 60 minute long Jam session is the traditional climax of the whole event and the most attractive spectacle for all visitors of the Burton Spindl Spring Sessions. Registration will take place at the BŠSS office or prior to the start of the session directly at the Corner run-in.


Chinese downhill is new in the already busy schedule of this year‘s event. Beggining of the race is at 16:30 from the top station of the fourseats chairlift in Svaty Petr and the route leads throught the red slope to the finish at the bottom of the slopes. For the first in the finnish area trophies for the fastest riders will be distributed including valuable prizes for the first one hundred competitors.


On Saturday morning, there will be a contest organized for the wide public. This one hour Jam session will be judged by the riders from the Czech Burton team and the best contestants competing in three categories will be awarded with attractive prices. Registration will be prior to the start of the contest.